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Whine, cry, blah, blah, blah

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Good Morning,
Just to point out that we are not complaining about what happened – it is just information. What is so hard to handle is that only bad news gets picked up by media but then also that the bad news gets pushed out without context.

The whole point of me mentioning in the blog posting Josh saying we don’t have crop insurance, is that this is the first time I have ever heard him mention that – so the damage for some apples was bad enough that it went through his mind. That is it.

Crop insurance is really hard to manage for small diversified farms like ours. And our model of being diversified means that we have more streams of income and don’t depend entirely on one crop.

Anyway – not things that get discussed on a 10 second radio clip.

But further to that – I want to consider the idea and belief that people have that farmers are always complaining. This is really a challenging one. I too sometimes find myself being critical of the image farmers have. If this weekends reporting demonstrates anything it is that without getting the full story you do farmers an injustice. Maybe news isn’t about doing anyone justice -but about getting peoples adrenaline rushing.

So what are we to do about these sorts of situations? Well, I’d like to say that the fact of the matter is this years weather has impacted us greatly – is has caused a lot of stress for us and many other farmers. And what can we do about it? NOTHING, except maybe join a stress management class? It is so hard because the divide or space between farmers and consumers is so great that there is no understanding. And we can be very easily seen as complaining. Now with our CSA members, we so hope that you have a deeper more thorough understanding of us, what we are about and what is happening on the farm. And for this we are so grateful because we can connect with you. How does my friend down the street who raises grain or turnip connect? How can they? And more to the point should they have to??? I don’t know anymore.

I guess for me, having information and being informed about what is happening on our farms in NS, in theory, should help people realize that if the turnip from NS is 10 cents more expensive per lb it is because of the realities we face here. The challenge is that it doesn’t work that way.

No resolve today on the various thought rumbling in my head. But I do know I need to get to work before the kids wake-up.
Have a great day!

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