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How to check what is due on your account and make a payment

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

How to check what is due on your account:

First you will need to log in to your Harvest Hand account (Click here for more details on how to log in)

  • Log in to your Harvest Hand account
  • Go to "Make Payment" on the right, or above that it will show a balance if anything is due
  • Once in the screen for "Make Payment" you can hold your mouse over [?] beside the invoices that are due to see what they are for.

How to Make a Payment:

Paying with cash or cheque
Put your payment in an envelope with the name that your account is under, the date, and what the payment is for (the more info, the better)

  • If you are at a self-serve location, please mail the cheque(s) to: 1736 Church Street  Port Williams, NS  B0P 1T0. Do not give your payment to the location host. They are not responsible for payments. 
  • At certain locations you can give cheques or cash directly to the TapRoot team member (Please click here to check which type of location you are registered for.)

Royal Bank customers
Simply add TapRoot Farms to your bills list and use your customer number as your account number. 

Email transfer

  • Send to: info@taprootfarms.ca
  • Please indicate in the message the name the account is under
  • Please use the password: taproot (Our bookkeeper spends a lot of extra of time trying to guess people's passwords. Please make it simple for her. :) ) 

Online payment through HarvestHand:

  • Check off the invoices you would like to pay, or enter the amount you would like to pay in the box provided
  • You will be redirected to Paypal to complete the payment.  If you do not have a Paypal account you can log on as a guest with a credit card

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