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First Meat Share of 2014!

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Welcome to the first meat share delivery of the 2014 CSA!

Your meat share today is a free range chicken from Longspell Point Farms in Kingsport (when it doesn't come from our farm it's usually from this great farm), a pack of two pieces of rabbit from TapRoot, and very exciting, our new nitrate free bacon from our own pastured pigs. You meat share is valued at $37.50. This week it breaks down like so:

3.5lbs Whole Chicken from Longspell @ $5.35/lb = $18.75

1.5lbs TapRoot Rabbit Pieces (2/pack) @ $6.25/lb =$9.37

1lb TapRoot Nitrate Free Bacon @ $9.50/pack =      $9.50

                                                                        Total $37.62

On meat weeks, since all the shares will be the same value (more or less), you will come to the pick up and there will be coolers with meat in them. Take a share and that's it. If you miss a share and want to pick it up the next week, you will have to e-mail us before the end of week. We have very limited space in the freezers and it's not ideal to have a bunch of missed meat shares taking up space.

For those of you not new to the meat share you will notice we have change our meat share format a bit in order to do two things. The first was to produce more of the meat in the share ourselves, thus we cut back our numbers of shares we were offering a bit. We will be able to offer more shares as we produce more animals, and have more meat to share! The second was to make it a little easier in the assembly of the shares, this we accomplished by only offering one size, half way between our appetizer and entrée of last season.

We are very excited about this coming animal and meat share season, and will keep you up to date about all the goings on.

If you have question/concerns/comments/ideas please e-mail me at justine@taprootfarms.ca.

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