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Februrary 17th Friday Night - not sure what to do

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Here it is Friday night - February 17.

There is so much to do around me and I am not sure what to start first so I decided to hide out and check on the blog. Mike just got the blog enabled and content transferred over into our new blog forum on Harvest Hand. So, I am now committing to getting back into the swing of blogging. I have missed it over the past while. I realize every once in a while that I still have thoughts to express but haven't been doing it.

On my mind these days is cash flow. Money management is hard. That is all I can say about it. It seems that I am doing some major money management work right now at the same time as I am doing some eating management. I suppose it is no wonder that I feel like a beer and wings right now.

At NSAC Josh and I both took a course call Farm Management. We learned all about balance sheets, profit and loss reports and creating a cash flow plan. Trying to get it into action is not easy. We haven't really done a grade A+ on our cash flow plan over the years and yet I have really wanted to so that we can be more in control. Being in control is hard work. 

On an exciting note, seeds have started to arrive. We are eagerly awaiting the Johnnys seed order because it has the onions, leeks and celeriac in it. All three need to be started yesterday.

I hope you enjoy your Friday night and welcome back to the TapRoot - Patricia blog:)



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