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CSA member gathering and field walk - by Dawn Langille

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CSA Member Gathering and Field Walk - April 8th, 2017
What a lovely afternoon at the farm!
Patricia & Justine provided a tasty lunch of soups prepared with ingredients from the Farm, plus bread from Boulangerie la Vendeene, and Taproots own apple cider mmmmmm.
We gathered around the living room at the new property next door to the farm on Canard st. It's a beautiful home with a toasty wood-burning fireplace and open kitchen. Josh & Patricia took our questions about what it's really like running the farm, and many interesting conversations ensued. 
They explained the requirements for Organic Certification; that there is in annual certification cost PLUS a lot of record keeping that requires significant time and resources. 
Did you know that it takes 3 years of using organic approved practices before the land & products can be certified organic? 
And they must use a list of approved products for all farming supplies, right down to containers & hand soap!?
It's quite a commitment to follow organic practices - Josh & Patricia believe firmly in the environmental, ethical, and sustainable reasons to do so. I am ever so grateful to support a farm & family that are committed to doing it the right way. 
(Plus the perks of receiving weekly boxes of tasty, farm-fresh, nutritious food!!)
We also chatted about the changes they have gone through since they started, the upcoming CSA season, feedback form us members, and upcoming events. (Check out the EVENTS link for the great line-up they have planned for this year - including Taproot Days Friday, August 4th-7th!)
I wasn't able to stay for the field walk, but I did manage to see the work they've done on the packaging warehouse since I last visited in March - it looks great! They've done a lot of work  cleaning, fixing it up and painting. Patricia filled us on in some of their plans to improve the space for efficiency and reduce waste, based on some learnings from reading & workshops her and Josh have recently done. 
Some of my major take-aways from this visit:
- They are always working on improvements 
- Patricia & Josh really appreciate members input & feedback
- Taproot CSA members are lovely people and make great company!
I'm really excited to spend more time at the farm, and am incredibly excited to connect with other members at all of the events they are planning for this year. I've been dreaming about how fantastic the new shared space at 441 Canard would be for cooking classes and good ol' fashioned Kitchen Parties!
What cooking skills/recipes do you want to learn?
Would you come out to a kitchen party at the farm?
Would you join in on a jam session?
Would you like to hear a performer? Which performers would you love to hear?

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