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Dilly Beans: October 27-Nov 1 2014

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

This week the final jars of the 2013 dilly beans made their way into the shares. When we were sorting the canned goods we found a whole weeks worth of dilly beans ~ surprise:)

We also found about 100 jars of dill pickles.

Please take note that many of the lids (see pic), on the outside, have what looks like rust. We think it must be from either the vinegar  or the storage shed, either way, the inside product is delicious!!!


Sharing Thanksgiving

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Thanksgiving in our house this year was shared with new faces. We participated in Share Thanksgiving through Engage NS where we easily signed up as a host table for dinner and we were paired with four students from Acadia. They had not yet been across the Cornwallis River until Sunday. Three of them have been here in Nova Scotia for just over a month. We were also joined by a travelling man who is spending his final days in Nova Scotia at the end of a year long journey from Argentina to Yukon to Nova Scotia. Josh and I saw him and his truck on Saturday in Coldbrook and I couldn't help go up to him and talk and then invite him to dinner. It was truly an amazing Sunday at the farm. Our good friends came to visit with their baby, my sisters and their families joined us, and together we had food grown right here on the farm. I am so truly thankful for the abundance our life offers.

Happy October!

Fresh Herb Care

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Hello Members,

What is that aroma emanating from your box this week? Maybe it is the fresh sage and thyme we picked first thing for maximum potency! Perhaps you are interested in keeping these bunches fresh for just a few days until your next feast. In that case, take off the elastic  and store them on your kitchen counter in a fresh water, as you would a flower bouquet. 

If you would like to store your sage and thyme for longer simply spread them out in a basket, on a rack or a screen in a airy place away from direct sunlight.  Let the plants dry for a week or more before you transfer them into a sealed container. Enjoy the dried herbs well into next year.

Herbs for drying


Happy Cooking,