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Saturday Deliveries: Updated

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Saturday CSA Members,

The road report to Mount Uniacke isn't great.

The forecast for the rest of the day in the delivery areas and the Valley isn't great.

I need to travel with Lily and Frank and with freezing rain I just don't think it is necessary today.

I will plan to depart and be at all of the delivery locations tomorrow same time, same place.

If that does not work for you, then we can either double up next week or you can pickup at Hawthorne St on Monday between 4:30-5:30. 

It may turn out to rain all day, in which case I am sorry for the trouble. It is freezing rain here right now. 



Tuesday deliveries happening today

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

All Tuesday CSA Members.

Your shares are being delivered today to the same place as per usual on Tuesday.

Please note: Take Frozen Tomatoes because they are not in your share box.

Grainery  Pickup is at 4:45

St. Mark's is  until 5:30.

Thank you and so sorry for the inconvenience of the weather and in some cases my lack of clear communication.

Happy Friday! What a week!


Storm post #2

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Good Morning Everyone,

It is too dangerous to travel today to deliver CSA shares. Not to mention most of the places we deliver to are closed today.

I would like to reschedule the deliveries to Friday. I don't have permission yet from all locations that this is doable. That will take me until tomorrow given that most people aren't at work today. If you wish to switch to a location tomorrow, Wednesday or Saturday that is fine but please email me with:

Subject Line: Storm CSA location change

Your name:

What shares and sizes you get:

Where you wish to pickup:

Other than the chores today, the farm will be quiet and we will wait for the storm to pass.

The kids are very happy to be home from school:)



New Way Ahead - maybe?

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Hello CSA Members and friends of the farm:

I am trying so hard to get things ready to launch for this week. As I do this I am reviewing all of our information and our 'policies' and I am reflecting on what is working, what is not, and what we can do differently. I would love your feedback.

What do you think about this new payment policy and below it, the new draft of the membership agreement? These are working documents - so please let me know the good, bad and ugly. Thanks!!!!

Payment Options

*NEW in 2015*

All accounts will have one annual invoice. There will be no monthly invoices. There is one annual cost for your CSA share. It is based on an assumed or approximate weekly amount, but the price is an annual price.

You are invited to pay this invoice in full with money order, email transfer, cash or cheque prior to the start of the season on April 6th 2015. Doing so provides you with a $25 savings.

Payments can be emailed to info@taprootfarms.ca or mailed to:

TapRoot Farms
1736 Church St.
Port Williams, NS
B0P 1T0

If paying in full does not work for you, you are welcome to pay whenever you are able. It is expected that you will pay regularly and that you will pay in full for your CSA membership as soon as possible and most certainly in advance of receiving food from the farm.


Membership Agreement

2015-16 Season


As a member of TapRoot Farms Community Shared Agriculture Farm I agree to:


  • ensure my CSA share is picked-up at the location I have selected

  • keep my account in good standing

  • review weekly emails for important notices

  • communicate with the farm regarding concerns or celebrations or changes of email or phone contact information

  • maintain an open mind, ask questions, and give the farm the benefit of the doubt

  • try new things, share ideas, and recognize that I am a part of a community striving toward a healthier vibrant local food system.

As a member of TapRoot Farms Community Shared Agriculture I understand that no refunds will be provided. It is up to me, as a member to find someone to take over my commitment to the farm if I choose to stop my share for whatever reason. Otherwise my share will be donated each week to a family in need.


As a member of TapRoot Farms Community Shared Agriculture I am aware and appreciate that administration costs (HarvestHand (the CSA database) and CSA related book keeping is not included in the cost of my share and is an annual $25 per member per year fee is added to each invoice)


All members will receive regular email communications from the farm and by agreeing to this membership agreement, you are giving us consent to send you a weekly newsletter and other email communications as required.


All members are welcome to visit the farm anytime for self guided walk abouts.

Thank you for your commitment to TapRoot Farms! We look forward to a wonderful season sharing food together.