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Saturday Deliveries: Updated

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Saturday CSA Members,

The road report to Mount Uniacke isn't great.

The forecast for the rest of the day in the delivery areas and the Valley isn't great.

I need to travel with Lily and Frank and with freezing rain I just don't think it is necessary today.

I will plan to depart and be at all of the delivery locations tomorrow same time, same place.

If that does not work for you, then we can either double up next week or you can pickup at Hawthorne St on Monday between 4:30-5:30. 

It may turn out to rain all day, in which case I am sorry for the trouble. It is freezing rain here right now. 



Storm post #2

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Good Morning Everyone,

It is too dangerous to travel today to deliver CSA shares. Not to mention most of the places we deliver to are closed today.

I would like to reschedule the deliveries to Friday. I don't have permission yet from all locations that this is doable. That will take me until tomorrow given that most people aren't at work today. If you wish to switch to a location tomorrow, Wednesday or Saturday that is fine but please email me with:

Subject Line: Storm CSA location change

Your name:

What shares and sizes you get:

Where you wish to pickup:

Other than the chores today, the farm will be quiet and we will wait for the storm to pass.

The kids are very happy to be home from school:)



We love feedback! :)

Posted on by Emily Lutz

It's always nice to know when we send stuff out to the universe (like recipes!), that people are trying and enjoying them. And it's even nicer to know our members are happy. We received this wonderful letter the other day and wanted to share it with you.


Hi Patricia,

I thought you might like to see a couple of pics of the great pizza we enjoyed with the beet pesto recipe from the roasted root blog...it was so good...we really love beets in our house anyway and I grow some of our own each summer but for anyone who isn’t a fan this is definitely the way to go...next time we get some fresh ones I’ll be trying the beet hummus...sounds yummy!

Thanks for taking the time to include recipes and links to blogs when you send out the weekly share update, we’ve found a lot of new ideas and haven’t been disappointed yet. :)

Just finished the sign up for next year, adding eggs too. Yay! We’ve changed our delivery to Mondays, since it turned out Saturdays weren’t always the best option for us.

And thank you for all of you at the farm, allowing us access to fresh, local veggies and fruit. We had known about Taproot for a couple of years and wondered whether we’d be able to utilize all the extra vegetables (we have a fair sized veggie garden of our own each summer) but have certainly enjoyed the extra bounty.


Thank you taking the time to write. :) We're grateful for every one of our members and we welcome your feedback. Even without delicious looking photos.

Have a great weekend!

Meat Share week 21

Posted on by Justine Mentink

Meat Share Week 21

This week your share contains:

2 packages of rabbit, average weight 2.2lbs @ $7.00/lb         $15.40
1lb pack ground beef, $6.50/ pack                                         $6.50
1 pack TapRoot Herb Sausages                                               $8.50
1 pack of pork chops 2/pack,
average weight 1.2lbs @ $6.25/lb                                          $7.50
                                                                Total value:          $37.90
This week you are receiving what we call TapRoot herb Sausages. They are made with TapRoot pork, TapRoot Sage, TapRoot Thyme, TapRoot nettle, salt and pepper. We have tested them at home and they are, in our opinion, excellent. We hope you enjoy them.
Here is a recipe that we posted to our Facebook site this week for rabbit.

Rabbit in Mustard Sauce

This recipe comes from David Tanis, a chef at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California4.8
2. If rabbit has been chilled, allow it to come to room temperature. Heat oven to 400° and arrange a rack in the middle of oven. Divide rabbit in a single layer between 2 shallow roasting pans and top with any of the remaining marinade. Roast the rabbit, turning once and basting with pan juices occasionally, until the juices have reduced and rabbit is cooked through, about 55 minutes. Set oven to broil and cook until golden brown, about 5 minutes more. Serve rabbit with pan juices. 

Nathan's Animal Update:

This is a very exciting time in the animal department, for over a year now we have been working towards feeding our animals non-GMO  (genetically modified organism) feed . This is more difficult that it seems, because practially all the corn and soybeans on the market (other than certified organic) are GMO. Roasted soybeans and corn are the main ingredients in most animal feeds. This week the final feed ingredient, non-GMO roasted soybeans, has arrived. Along with our non-GMO corn, wheat, and barley, we are able to make our own custom mixed feed for our animals!

The pigs on pasture don't seem to mind the cold too much, we ensure they have plenty of fresh straw to snuggle into on these cold January nights. Orena the sow is pregnant, she is due to farrow (give birth) May 6th.

Upcoming projects:

Construct our own registered egg grading station, erect permanent electric fencing to protect our free range chickens from coyote threats, and build more free range chicken shelters to meet growing demand for delicious free range chicken!

The meat share is changing for the upcoming season. It will be weekly and have a value of $20 per week. We made this change in order to stream line operations and logistics here at the 'Ranch'.

Meat shares are now available to purchase for the upcoming season, sign up soon! 

Have a great few weeks!
Justine and Nathan