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Meat Share Week 23

Posted on by Justine Mentink

Meat Share Week 23

This week your share contains:

1 pack pork chops 2/pack  - $6.25/lb average weight 1.36lbs                                       $8.50
1lb TapRoot lean ground beef                                                                                      $6.50
Assorted TapRoot Free Range chicken - whole or pieces                                                $22.50
                                                                                                       Total value:          $37.50

Nathans animal update:

Sundays storm presented some real challenges. There was so much snow that not even the farm tractor could make it to the barn, Sunday afternoon. On Monday morning, although the snow had stopped, it was still quite windy and there was lots of blowing snow. Josh tried for three hours to clear a path to the barn from church street, approx 2kms away. Only to discover the wind was filling in his path with snow almost as fast as he could clear it. Meanwhile, knowing the animals would need some attention, I snowshoes over. The door to the barn was completely buried, so I had to crawl in a window. The power was out in the barn, other than that everything was OK. 
We are getting our first batch of chicks in 2 weeks, I'm clearing out the room in the barn where the chicks will brood, I'll lay down some shavings and make sure the brooder lamps are working.  

Thank you very much, and we hope you have a warm week, without too much shoveling.



Feb 16-23 Delivery Schedule

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Well, we have finally all made it back to the farm. We have a one lane road kept clear thanks to a neighbour farmer going from the Hwy 358 to the farm.

Everyone is here today prepping veggies, bagging mushrooms, making shares.

Here is the plan:

Today is a regular a Wednesday delivery.

Tomorrow, Thursday February 19 we will deliver Monday's Hawthrone Delivery and a regular Hammonds Plains Market day.

Friday Feburary 20 we will delivery Tuesdays shares.

Saturday will also be a regular Saturday delivery.

Thank you so much for accomodating the weather and changes that it has created. If you are unable to make it to pickup please ask a friend or neighbour or family member if they can collect it for you.

Have a great day!



Tuesday Feb17 Farm Update

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

As of now, 9:05 AM we are not plowed in any direction.

Josh and Nathan both snowshoed to Canard this morning. 

Good news is that the squash barn did not freeze. Malcolm kept the fire going and that was enough to keep it from freezing until the power came back on early this morning at 1:30AM. (the power keeps the grain feeding into the grain burner and the fans running) 

In other news, the water is all frozen in the warehouse.

Just a reminder that we will not be doing deliveries today. We hope that we will be back in action tomorrow.

Have a lovely day! 


Farm shut down

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

It is 11:40 AM Monday.

We are unable to get to the farm. Nathan snow shoed this morning to do the chores. 

We also have no power so hard to get messages to you. We charged my cel with the car charger. 

At the moment, there will be  no deliveries today or tomorrow. 

There is no plan yet on when deliveries  will happen because I don't know right now when we will be able to get to the farm in Canard.

Bare with us. Thanks!