Rabbit recipes from the TapRoot archives

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

I went digging in the blog archives this morning for a member and friend, Nancy, who asked for some support with rabbit recipes the other day.... Here are some of the rabbit recipes that we've posted in the last year, as well as others from members (posted in the comments on some of the blog posts)

Two Rabbit Recipes (July 15 2013)

Rabbit for Supper (Feb 6, 2013)

Rabbit Stew (Feb 4, 2013)

Rabbit in the meat shares (Dec 18, 2012)

Just an FYI as well, there was not enough rabbit for everyone this week and so some of you will have a TapRoot smoked ham instead.

Enjoy!  Share your recipes if you have a good one, and I will post them on our blog!

First Meat Share of 2014!

Posted on by Justine Mentink

Welcome to the first meat share delivery of the 2014 CSA!

Your meat share today is a free range chicken from Longspell Point Farms in Kingsport (when it doesn't come from our farm it's usually from this great farm), a pack of two pieces of rabbit from TapRoot, and very exciting, our new nitrate free bacon from our own pastured pigs. You meat share is valued at $37.50. This week it breaks down like so:

3.5lbs Whole Chicken from Longspell @ $5.35/lb = $18.75

1.5lbs TapRoot Rabbit Pieces (2/pack) @ $6.25/lb =$9.37

1lb TapRoot Nitrate Free Bacon @ $9.50/pack =      $9.50

                                                                        Total $37.62

On meat weeks, since all the shares will be the same value (more or less), you will come to the pick up and there will be coolers with meat in them. Take a share and that's it. If you miss a share and want to pick it up the next week, you will have to e-mail us before the end of week. We have very limited space in the freezers and it's not ideal to have a bunch of missed meat shares taking up space.

For those of you not new to the meat share you will notice we have change our meat share format a bit in order to do two things. The first was to produce more of the meat in the share ourselves, thus we cut back our numbers of shares we were offering a bit. We will be able to offer more shares as we produce more animals, and have more meat to share! The second was to make it a little easier in the assembly of the shares, this we accomplished by only offering one size, half way between our appetizer and entrée of last season.

We are very excited about this coming animal and meat share season, and will keep you up to date about all the goings on.

If you have question/concerns/comments/ideas please e-mail me at

TapRoot Farms 2014 Cut Flower CSA Shares: An update

Posted on by Tim Carr

Those of you who have signed up for a Flower Share have a few more weeks to prepare for their arrival. The farm is still covered in snow, and no amount of wishing on my part will change that. However, seeding has begun in earnest. The list of annuals and perennials we are preparing is too long to include here, but rest assured, they are varied in size, texture, colour and temperament.
Tulips are usually the first to arrive, followed by small gaps in delivery before they arrive on a consistent basis at your pick up location. Last year, deliveries extended to the end of October, however, I plan to stretch that a bit.
Flower Shares will be posted the weekend before share deliveries, similar to your vegetables, meat and fruit shares. The flowers will have been harvested and conditioned as close as possible to your delivery time, usually the morning of, or the evening before.
For those of you who have not signed up for a Flower Share, we hope to make flowers available as add-ons, and will post those options as soon as things start growing in earnest.
It's been a long, white winter. We are looking forward to the growing season!
For CSA members who are planning special events in the coming year, we hope to be able to provide “Occasion Buckets.” These will consist of various flowers, perfect for parties! If you have any questions, or flower needs this coming year, please feel free to contact me
Here's a pic of some Hi No Maru Aster seedlings. Small, but full of promise.

Why farming is a team effort: CSA HQ buzzing this week!

Posted on by Teri Jenkins

Here's a photo of the new CSA Headquarters as promised!  We had a little trouble getting the desk in as the door was a 1/2" too narrow, so Jon did this:

As I am getting settled in my new office, I have also been spending a lot of time in it.  With this week being the first week of the new CSA season, I am excited to get the new members up and running with their first shares.  I have learned from last year that this is the week to tell people things... They are more likely to read the Week 1 newsletter than week 28 or week 37.

This is my busy time.  Jon works in production, so his busy time is in the summer.  In the winter, I have a heavier admin load due to Organic Certification applications, annual updates to our Food Safety Program, CSA Registration and all the annual work that comes with that (website updates, updates to our processes and logistics, etc, etc).  It all comes to a head THIS WEEK, which I have been looking forward to since we opened registration in January.  We signed up members for two months and I interacted with a lot of really great people and I guess that's why I look forward to it.  Also, it's turning a page to a new season, and so there's a feeling of starting fresh.

This is one of those weeks where I have put in a full work week in the past 3 days (that's including Saturday and Sunday).  I love the work associated with these special times of year- getting members trained so that they will be great members all year and our journey together will be mutually rewarding.  All the time spent now referring people and adding answers to the new Membership Guide will pay off in less of the same questions over and over again all year, as well as well-trained members who make less mistakes and know how to self-serve at locations and what is expected of them, as well as an understanding of how the CSA works.  So, I see it as a bit of pay-it-forward to myself: put the time in now and reap the benefit all CSA season.

However, in addition to all the support from the other team members at the farm (and they also have to put up with my hyper excited energy, stimulated my a little too much caffeine and my passion for what I call BIG WEEKS-- Moments where my Dad would say the inappropriate "B to the W" moniker, which is the only description I can think of-- I have always thrived on BIG WEEKS of BIG DAYS, requiring B to the W energy... I shrivel on routine), I have been relying on my partner Jon, at least 4 times more than usual so far this week.  On Saturday he helped me move into the new office, Sunday I worked all day and he made a pot of chili for the week's lunches and brought a picnic lunch to me at Canard and then had supper ready when I arrived home at 9 pm (and he did some laundry for me, which is never something that is shared in our house), last night he cleaned the house and took out the garbage and compost and tonight he is heading to the grocery store (as I have just been diagnosed with IBS and need some foods that are easier on my system-- I am starting to follow a FODMAP diet soon and so trying to cut out the things that are on the "no" list).

At any rate, I was enjoying the scenery on my new commute to work today (it is 1 km shorter for me to go a different way than via Church Street to the Canard office from our house in New Minas), and thinking about how there's no way I could do this week without all the wonderful people in my life, especially Jon!  I will have to remember this in the summer when he is working Saturdays and later into the evenings!  Farming is a team effort, and it's nice to have a partner to take care of you when things get really crazy.  Thanks Jon, love you!

Look forward to meeting new faces this week out on deliveries!

--Teri :)