Give a Toonie - Grow a Farmer!

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TapRoot Farms is participating in the pilot year of the Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network's (ACORN) first-ever organic farmer training initiative: the Grow A Farmer Apprenticeship and Mentorship Program. This new 'farm-school'-the first of it's kind, Canada-wide!-offers curriculum guided, farm-based apprenticeships for aspiring organic farmers; farmer-to-farmer mentorship for newly established organic farmers; and an on-going series of events and training opportunities to gather new farmers and share information. As current funding for this pilot program will expire in December 2013, ACORN is encouraging donations to support the future of this important educational and community-building opportunity for Maritime-based farmers, including an upcoming fundraiser dinner on September 29th at the Wooden Monkey. For full details, please visit

For some of you, look for donation jars at pick-up locations: Hawthorn, The Grainery, Edgewood/Oxford, TapRoot farm stand, Bloom, Emma's, Prospect Road Community Centre, and Fall River.  If you'd like to contribute to this important cause, simply contact the ACORN office, toll-free at 1-866-322-2676 to process payment or issue a cheque. Every little bit counts!

TapRoot Shirts are in!

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The TapRoot shirts have arrived!  We have some available for members for $18.00 each.  There are S, M, L, XL.  The shirts are 100% cotton and made in Canada.

Order through add ons under "Other Goodies".  There is a separate entry for each size shirt.

Show your farm spirit!


Project Mush-Mush

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Project mush mush hasn't been as active as I would like it to be.  Mostly because I procrastinate when I can.  I have been making cardboard spawn and have quite a few pounds of it, maybe 50lbs or more so really all I have to do is pasteurize some straw and inoculate it with the cardboard spawn. Simple right, however I still don't like the idea of using so much fossil fuel to heat up and pasteurize the straw plus I'm likely to burn myself and it costs more money for propane and I'm poor.  Therefore I was excited when I heard about cold pastuerization. Takes longer but doesn't require heat. You simply submerge straw in water for 4-12 days drain and inoculate. Pretty sweet eh. The combination of cardboard spawn and cold pasteurization puts mushroom cultivation into the hands of anyone.  So next week on my vacation I'm going to inoculate some cold pasteurized straw with carboard spawn.  I'm almost more than confident this low tech sustainable method will work because guess who had some mushrooms fruit off cardboard in buckets over monsoon Tuesday? That's right, this guy. 0.34 lbs.  I got mushrooms to fruit off of old cardboard.  Pretty neat eh!!


Please forgive any spelling or grammar mistakes.  I'm using my phone to make this blog post and can't spell check :p

Hydro-planing our way into Halifax!

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Greetings CSA members,


This is an update from the friendly interns, Greta and Chris! We had a technical difficultly today as a pallet of fruit apps exploded onto the ground (tipped over).  Although this thing does not happen often it does happen and we will be running a few minutes late.  Big thanks goes out to the TapRoot team (Tim, Justine, Jon and Greta) for helping salvage the boxes.




Feedback about the egg shortage

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So, this is why I love our members!  I sent out a notice Sunday morning about the egg shortage in the CSA.  I didn't get a single upset email back.  This is what I DID get:

"Thanks Teri. This is part of what we signed up for with a CSA - that we would get a 'share' of the crop, not a guaranteed number every week. I have a suggestion - to keep members from grumbling - next time you have an abundance of eggs, include a few extra. That will reinforce the idea of a 'share' rather than a quantity.

We're loving everything - thanks again."

Sounds fine! :)"


"Thanks for letting us know!I'll curb our egg usage slightly. Down to only half a doz to last until Tues!! Mmmmmmm eggs!"

"Hi Teri, we currently have enough eggs for the next week or so, so feel free to distribute our 1/2 among other shares for this coming week (if that's helpful).

"No problem!  Thanks for the heads up :-)  We all share in the wealth & shortages so absolutely no hard feelings here."
"Hi Teri
If it helps you out at all, I don't mind giving up my share for the weeks that you are impacted.
I don't need anything extra or a reduction in fees. We all get more than our dollar value this time of year."
"No worries!"

"If it helps at all you can give our egg shares for the next two weeks to other CSA members."


YOU GUYS ROCK!!  Thanks for being great.