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In this week's share you will find a small brown bag of dried sage. Sage is a herb that I have only recently began to incorporate in my cooking, and I am hooked! Anything roasted in the oven with sage has rich aromatic flavour that keeps me digging into the pan for every last delicious morsel.

I am constantly amazed in learning how many of our common kitchen herbs are beneficial for health in our minds and bodies; sage is no exception to this rule. Our ancestors who relied on plant based medicine would incorporate these tasty plants in culinary exploits for flavour and for the all benefits their consumption brings. These traditional flavours have been passed down through our recipes but are rarely acknowledged for their powerful healing properties.

Sage or salvia literally means good health, to cure or to save, and has been considered a sacred plant by many peoples around the world. Sage is said to act as a digestive aid, especially when served alongside fatty foods. Sage, steeped in hot water to make tea, is reported to sooth coughs, and to reduce perspiration, depression, memory loss, and Alzheimer's disease. Some women use sage for painful menstrual periods, to correct excessive milk flow during nursing, and to reduce hot flashes during menopause. Sage is also used topically, as a poultice, to help fight bacterial and fungal infections. If you would like more information on herbal healing learningherbs.com is a great place to start. As well, a wide variety of books on herbal healing can be found through the Halifax Public Libraries.

This past season the Taproot Herb Division was established. Our mandate is to explore and grow a wide variety of annual and perennial herbs to enhance our CSA and our market. We dried much of what we grew in a walk-in dehydrator. All of our dried herbs have been harvested in the late morning when the plant's potent oils are high in the leaves, for maximum flavour and healing potential. You can look forward to a sampling some of these herbs in the upcoming share boxes. If you are interested in our dried and fresh herbs check out the updated add-ons list, or get in touch with us at csa@taprootfarms.ca


I have been using sage, rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper tossed with chopped root veggies and squash baked in the oven for 40 minutes at 400 degrees as my staple winter meal. Throw some sausage in the pan and a nice steaming pot of quinoa on the side, and you are sure to nourish all who eat your creations. Sage is also lovely when mixed with butter, or coconut oil, and rubbed on your chicken before it is roasted. I have also been enjoying sage steeped in hot water as a soothing and nutritious tea. It is nice blended with thyme and nettles.

Tonight my friend Amanda is coming over for dinner. I am in the process of making Sage Flat-Bread with Goat Cheese and Roasted Butternut Squash Soup.

I look forward to hearing about your kitchen adventures with Sage.

For the love of herbs,



Tuesday deliveries are happening today

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Hello Tuesday CSA members,

It has been quite a two week stretch of weather events especially when we need to be driving. It certainly has kept me thinking and reflecting.

Ed is getting loaded up and will be on his way soon.

I realize it is Friday and traffic is likely more intense than on a Tuesday. We also realize the weather hasn't been great for you either so there is a lot of snow and slippery conditions.

Thank you for adapting and accepting and supporting as we all embrace or cope with our winter. This morning I was feeling frustrated because I couldn't get the truck in 4-wheel drive and I couldn't get out of the drive way. For about 20 minutes I was clouded with frustration and then all of the sudden, I looked out and I saw how incredibly beautiful the snow is. I can so easily get caught up in the functioning of my own life/farm life and forget to stop and take in all the gifts of this weather, one of which I'd say is beauty.

Have a lovely weekend!




Tuesday February 3: Deliveries

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

As of right now, 9:50 AM our roads are not clear.

If we get plowed by 11 AM we can still do the Tuesday deliveries. 

If we are not plowed by 11 AM we will postpone Tuesday deliveries until later in the week. 

I hope we can still do the Dartmouth deliveries later today. Again, we will need to be plowed by 2:30PM to make yesterday Dartmouth delivery work.

I will let you know at 11 if we are able to get out in time for today's deliveries. It is a lovely day out there now, just that we have drifts the height of the truck on our road. 




Tuesday February 3: Delivery update

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

It is 11:08 AM.  We can not deliver Tuesday shares today. We can not get to the farm to load the van or get the van on the road.  

All regular Tuesday deliveries are postponed. My hope is that Friday can work for all of our drop off locations again this week. I will confirm with everyone once I know for sure. 

I will update by 2 PM whether we will be able to do the Hawthorne Delivery or not. 

Thank you!