Organic Week Visit to Pete's Halifax!

Posted on by Teri Dillon

For organic week, Pete's Frootique in Halifax asked a representative from TapRoot Farms to come and discuss soil health and organic farming.  Jon and I went, and had a great time presenting about this very interesting topic to a number of folks, meeting the produce guys and the produce manager Arthur (in photo), and seeing our produce on the shelves! 

The best part of all was seeing our Organic Honeycrisps being made into a special display, and tagged with the brand spankin' new TapRoot apple stickers Josh had me rush order last week.  They look great and taste even better!  So neat to see the retail side of our hard work farming!


Corn boil for drop in shelter!

Posted on by Teri Dillon

A couple of weeks ago, in response to this article, Sister Jovita from St. Mary's Basilica in Halifax was in touch with me about corn.  Though we do have excess, we don't have the extra labour for harvesting or capacity to ship it anywhere, but I told her she was welcome to come out and harvest as much as she would like.  Last Tuesday, she and a volunteer arrived, Josh took them to the field where the corn was ready, and they harvested a bunch for a corn boil at the drop in shelter.  She sent along some photos, so here they are!

1) preparing the corn
2) the beauty
3) ready to be served
4) this is the name of the program at St. Mary's Basilica where the corn was served
5) for taking home
6) one of our guests enjoying it.

So great to see the harvest go to such great use!  One of the other Valley sweet corn farmers was able to supply FeedNS, meaning most or all of the food banks in the province also got some corn sent their way.  Read the article here.  Way to go, Elmridge and Greg!

A story and a zucchini recipe from Kathy

Posted on by Teri Dillon

I was trying to use up some zucchini on the weekend by making zucchini bread, but was interrupted by a friend at the door with a broken nose and a guilty toddler. I agreed to take the toddler, sent him to play with mine, then went back to making the bread - but it seemed drier than usual. When I tasted it the next morning (after my little one was making faces eating it) it tasted exactly like Irish soda bread (which I haven't had since being in Ireland over 10 years ago). I realized that in the chaos I had forgotten to put in the sugar.
So - Zucchini Soda Bread recipe:
4 c grated zucchini
2 c white flour
2 c whole wheat flour
2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1 c milk
Mix dry; stir in the zucchini. Add milk; stir until crumbly and everything is moist. Put into 2 loaf tins; 350 F for 45 mins.
Or, if you want the sweet 'cakey' version, add 1 1/2 cups of sugar! The mixture will be much wetter, and you will need to cook it for at least 15 minutes more.

Ham Steaks!

Posted on by Justine Sturgeon

photo.JPG    Just a quick note here from the meat shares. Last share and this one coming up, some members will be getting whats marked as ham steaks, up till now you've been getting pork shoulder steaks and fresh ham steaks. We were not getting the hams smoked so we would have enough of the same, or very similar, steaks to give to all the members. But, it's always good to keep things fresh and different and so I've started to get the hams smoked then cut into steaks. These are fully cooked and good to just thaw and cut for sandwiches or whatever else you would to do with ham. They are also excellent thawed then put into a baking dish and roasted in the oven. I usually make a mixture of grainy mustard, maple syrup, a little cider vinegar, salt and pepper, and pour that over top. Like I said it's already cooked so you really just need to heat it through and let the sauce cook down a bit.

I hope you are enjoy the pork, the pigs are doing very well here at the farm, and we are so delighted to provide you with farm fresh meats!

Happy Eating!