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Councillors Role Post: resigning from committee membership

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

For immediate release


Greenwich, NS


Yesterday, July 16 I gave immediate notice to Warden Brothers, Members of the Nominating Committee and Councillors that I was resigning my membership effective immediately from all committee appointments.


My reason is to reduce risk to these organizations that my membership could create. The degree of personal bashing at council of councillors with different opinions to the majority appears to know no bounds. 


While I have resigned from all committees that I was assigned to by the nomination committee, I plan to attend the meetings as an observer.


Meanwhile, it is my opinion that the groups  I did serve on: Kings Transit Authority; the Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre, and the Lake Monitoring Committee; are better protected from any possible retribution by the voluntary removal of me as a member. 


This will create the opportunity for councillors who are ready to challenge my role and obligations as a municipal councillor to step up. 


I will be in my seat at regular council meetings and Committee of the Whole meetings as well as  special council meetings if I am available upon the usual short notice provided for these.  


As noted, I will be at the board meetings listening as an observer  (member of the public). This will help prepare me for decisions at council. 


I will also continue to be available to listen and help these organizations or the councillors that step into the vacancies this sad state of affairs county leadership has created.

Monthly Update - June, 2015

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The summer-like weather has arrived and TapRoot's flax is growing well. Every week, I walk to the flax field and check on its progress. 
We have been working on creating a knittable yarn out of flax tow. I tried hand spinning a 50/50 blend to see how the flax tow would spin once blended with wool. Patricia, Justine, and I traveled to Yarmouth to visited Yarnsmith Fibre Works Inc. Paula, the mill's owner, was kind enough to run some tow through her equipment. 

We started off by putting the tow through the separator. Then we put the tow through the carder to produce a 75% (flax)/25% (wool) and 50/50 blend. We ran the 75/25 blend through the spinning machine to produce 27 grams of yarn!  We are excited to visit Paula again later this month. We want experiment creating a 100% flax tow yarn with her experiment. To prepare our next visit, I have been processing flax manually. 

We hosted an informative gathering to share what we have been up too with our advisory board members and other interested people. We had some presentations, a wonderful lunch, a tour of the flax, and to conclude our evening we had a private documentary screening.

Have a safe and fun July,


Canada Day deliveries? Yes

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Hello, Wednesday members!

A reminder to everyone that deliveries are happening as per usual tomorrow, Canada Day. The veggies are still growing, and we are still tending them, packing them, and sending them.

Mosaic Market members, the market is closed but we will be there with a minivan during your regular pick up time.

Enjoy your shares, and Happy Canada Day!

Denise :)

Small scale seed cleaning resources.

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You probably noticed pictures, on Facebook, of cleaned flax seeds. A few weeks ago, Patricia asked me to clean some flax seeds she had in storage. Having no experience in seed cleaning, I hit the web to learn the process. If I inspired anyone to give cleaning seeds a try, please reference the following links.

The following links are related to the cleaning process:









The following links are related to seed cleaning equipment: