Week 13 Share Recipe from Melanie

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I know you're always looking for fresh food ideas... here's what I made last night.

uses up.... beet greens, zucchini, mushrooms, pesto
boil 1/2 box pasta (gemelli, but you can use whatever you like) according to package directions
saute in olive oil the following:
 - 2 pucks of pesto
 - 2 cloves garlic, minced
 - mushrooms, I used 5-6 cut into quarters but you could use more/fewer as desired
 - zucchini, I diced the small one that came in the share, but you could use more/less as desired
 - beet greens, 1 bunch - cut into 1/2" wide strips after washing/spinning dry (Add these after rest of veggies are more or less tender
 - once the beet greens are wilted then add...
 - 1/3 cup heavy cream (I eyeballed it til I got the consistency I was looking for..
 - stir in seasoning (salt, pepper, hot chili flakes) to taste
 - finally stirred in the cooked drained pasta
SO YUMMY!  I can't eat onions but I bet those would be delicious in this recipe too if added at the start with the pesto & garlic.  Could probably also do this with turnip greens, spinach...
let me know if you try it :)

Looking for a Tuesday Helper!

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We are looking for a great CSA Member to lend support

on our Tuesday delivery route!

Always wanted to be more involved with your CSA farm?  Here's an opportunity: We are currently looking for a member or member(s) who are available Tuesdays from 2 pm – 6:30 pm to travel with the TapRoot Van and assist Meagan with deliveries around metro Halifax. This role requires a lot of carrying share boxes or using a dolly and a fair amount of walking. We are hoping to work out an arrangement where a member could put the hours towards their weekly share delivery cost.

Please email if you would like more details about the position!

Thanks! :)

Things are blooming!

Posted on by Tim Carr

Flower Shares have begun arriving at your regular pick up location. If your pick up location is self-serve, your flowers will be in a labelled white bucket. Each bouquet (like your vegetable, meat or fruit shares) will be quite similar.

Valarie and I have faced a few obstacles in these beginning weeks, including squished flowers, a missed delivery and the need to “scrounge” a few things. It is a fun challenge to find enough resources on the farm to make 60 relatively similar shares, each containing various blooms or vegetation. Our flower “crops” will explode to life very soon - thousands of plants, dozens of species, and multiple varieties of many of them.

Your shares are cut the morning of your delivery day, or late Friday evening for Saturday deliveries. The flowers are cut, put in warm water, arranged, and conditioned in our coolers. Our hope is that your flowers last a very long time. But, like fruit or vegetables, cut flowers have a shelf life. Some last a surprisingly long time in a vase, others wilt or drop petals more quickly - some notoriously quickly. Which is why, for example, we didn’t send any of the million lupins/lupines your way.


Tips for Cut Flowers

  • Remove elastic bands.
  • Snip an angled bit off stem bottoms each time you change the water.
  • Changing the water every couple of days is helpful.
  • Direct sunlight is not ideal for cut flowers.
  • Remove any lower leaves or flowers that may rest in water.
  • Trim, remove, or replace spent flowers from bouquet.


Sounds like a bit of work, but really not.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the flower shares, or have any other flower needs.




What I did on my summer vacation

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It's obviously remnants of grade school that are making me feel like I owe everyone a "what I did on my summer vacation" note... I'm also influenced by my niece Genevieve who missed two weeks of the third grade to travel to our wedding, and had to write a couple of reports to make it up! 

It was an AMAZING two weeks off, and I know Jon and I are grateful that we could take so much time off in the busy season to look after some important life moments.  Every day was amazing and spent with people we love, and right in the middle we got married.  I'm going to share my favourite moments in photos:

Friday at the end of the work day we enjoyed some ice cream and Jamaican rum with the TapRoot Team.

Then we headed to Halifax the next day to meet our first guests- Jon's sister Alyson with her husband Dion and their 2 - 1/2 year old Maevey.

When we returned to the Valley, more guests arrived and Jon's sisters stayed at Swallow's Nest at the farm.  Maevey LOVED collecting eggs and she loved Six Bux, too!  A good hands-on place for Genevieve to write her report about the farm for school, too!

Friday night pre-wedding clam bake and BBQ for family and guests from away - what a bunch!  Jon's family, my family, and our very closest friends.

Jon and I with our neice Genevieve and nephew Joshua from Seattle, and Maevey from Calgary

Wedding feast prepared by Matt Krizan and staff, Mateus Bistro

Day after wedding clean-up crew - Lobster supper at Hall's Harbour, followed by a sunset trip to Scot's Bay!

Visiting the Jenkins' family in PEI on the Charlottetown Harbour Hippo!

Clam diggin' in PEI - Jon's favourite!


A huge thanks to the TapRoot Team for filling in while we were away-- We are well rested and happy to be back!