Post-Arthur Update from Josh

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On Friday with the storm on the way, we decided to leave tunnels up, and on Saturday morning it was obvious that they were not going to make it.  So, we took 'em down in high winds-- Scary!  The tunnels at Church Street seem to be okay except the cuke tunnel.  The plastic ripped off and then we cut the strings holding the cucumbers up so they would not get as damaged (which they didn't!).  But, the tunnel itself was damaged.

The rest of the tunnels at Church Street did not come down until 6:30 pm on Saturday.  This was CRAZY!!!  The wind was 100 km/hr gusts.  We were successful, but were 30 minutes too late as all of them have some damaged parts.

Field crops here were windblown bad.  The early corn is flat, squash plants rolled up in a ball, pepper leaves stripped, apple and cherry trees lost some limbs.

At Canard we have no power, which means:

  • watering greenhouses by hand
  • the 18-wheeler trailer is in the yard to keep harvested veggies cool
  • generator is running to keep the meat in freezers frozen
  • all of our awesome seasonal farmers are without power in their homes. 

All of the plants look beat up, but they hopefully will be fine.  Time will tell if other problems will arise from their injured leaves and stems.

TapRoot Meat Share Week 7

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Welcome to the seventh week of the 2014-2015 TapRoot meat share!

This week your share contains:

1 Whole Peking Duck from TapRoot Farms

1 2/pack Pork Chops from TapRoot Farms

Cost breakdown of your share:

1 Whole Peking Duck @ $6.00/lb, average weight 5lbs                   $30.00

1 2/pack Pork Chops @ $6.25/lb, average weight 1lb                      $6.25

                                                                                        Total          $36.25

This week you are receiving a whole Peking duck in your share. Our Peking ducks were hatched by our friends at Salmontail River Farm and raised here at TapRoot farms. Peking duck is traditionally roasted, but given our current heat wave, we thought we'd share a lighter recipe that deliciously incorporates roasted duck: the summertime spring roll! We found a recipe for roasted Peking duck in rice paper rolls with some fresh herbs and veggies that sounds great. See the full recipe and instructions here.

You'll also be receiving a 2 pack of pork chops - an easy meat to season and grill on the classic summertime bbq. Here's a grilled pork chop recipe with some great seasoning ideas to get you started.

Animal update:

The long-awaited piglets have finally arrived and boy are they cute! Adding to the cute factor are some chicks who also arrived on the farm last week. It's fun seeing all these young animals explore their new home!

Faces of the Farm: Meet Steve!

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Steve was loading up some Organic fertilizer when we crossed paths this morning.  He was filling up the spreader and was about to go out to the field. 

Steve has been working at TapRoot Farms for 7 years.  His favourite farming task is planting crops like corn, peas, and sunflowers with the tractor.  His favourite vegetables to eat are lettuce, cucumbers, and cabbage.  He says: "I respect my boss (Josh) a lot.  Anything he tells me to do I go the extra mile to make sure it gets done."  He also wants you to know that he's a cool guy, who likes to laugh and socialize with the other workers on the farm.


Faces of the Farm: Meet Robert!

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Robert-- or Bobby-- was celebrating his 9 year anniversary of coming to Canada today.  He first came to Canada on July 1, 2006.

He was having rather modest celebration this morning, weeding the ginger crop in one of the tunnels.  He showed me where the little sprouts were just starting to come up.  Robert says he likes weeding to help the vegetable plants grow better.  When I asked what his favourite vegetable was, he said "Everything!" and then listed carrots, turnip, beetroot, and he says "I LOVE strawberries, especially strawberries". 

He likes growing pac choi and lettuce because they are easy to grow and easy to take care of.  He is easygoing and tells me anyone can say anything to him -- Which I followed by saying "screw you, Bobby!" and solicited a hearty chuckle, which is what I love most about Bobby- his great smile and laugh!

Happy 9 year anniversary Robert!

Faces of the Farm: Meet Jake!

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Jake was working with Calbert, Martel, and Robert weeding the ginger when I found him this morning.  Jake is in his third season at TapRoot Farms. 

Right now, Jake and his brother Ben are working on weeding mostly.  Jake says soon they will be picking peas (I saw the peas Friday: very soon, if not today or tomorrow!).  Jake and Ben are in high school and work the summers doing mostly piecework (meaning that they get paid for how many pounds they pick).  He says that he is faster at picking peas than his brother (Ben was not around to retort), and on a good full day of pea picking he can pick 80 - 100 lbs!  When I asked what he liked most on the farm he said it was picking peas, but that's really all he knows how to do.  I am impressed that someone who picks peas so much could still enjoy it!  Jake's favourite vegetable to eat is potatoes, he says he loves mashed potatoes.