Faces of the Farm: Meet Robert!

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Robert-- or Bobby-- was celebrating his 9 year anniversary of coming to Canada today.  He first came to Canada on July 1, 2006.

He was having rather modest celebration this morning, weeding the ginger crop in one of the tunnels.  He showed me where the little sprouts were just starting to come up.  Robert says he likes weeding to help the vegetable plants grow better.  When I asked what his favourite vegetable was, he said "Everything!" and then listed carrots, turnip, beetroot, and he says "I LOVE strawberries, especially strawberries". 

He likes growing pac choi and lettuce because they are easy to grow and easy to take care of.  He is easygoing and tells me anyone can say anything to him -- Which I followed by saying "screw you, Bobby!" and solicited a hearty chuckle, which is what I love most about Bobby- his great smile and laugh!

Happy 9 year anniversary Robert!

Faces of the Farm: Meet Jake!

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Jake was working with Calbert, Martel, and Robert weeding the ginger when I found him this morning.  Jake is in his third season at TapRoot Farms. 

Right now, Jake and his brother Ben are working on weeding mostly.  Jake says soon they will be picking peas (I saw the peas Friday: very soon, if not today or tomorrow!).  Jake and Ben are in high school and work the summers doing mostly piecework (meaning that they get paid for how many pounds they pick).  He says that he is faster at picking peas than his brother (Ben was not around to retort), and on a good full day of pea picking he can pick 80 - 100 lbs!  When I asked what he liked most on the farm he said it was picking peas, but that's really all he knows how to do.  I am impressed that someone who picks peas so much could still enjoy it!  Jake's favourite vegetable to eat is potatoes, he says he loves mashed potatoes.


Faces of the Farm: Meet Calbert!

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Calbert-- a.k.a. CocoT-- was weeding ginger this morning in the tunnel with Bobby, Martel, and Jake.  I asked if he liked weeding and he said "yes, but I'd rather weed when the vegetable plants are bigger, because it's easier to see the crop-- it's a hard time when the plants are small". 

Calbert says he likes everything about farming, especially being outside.  His favourite vegetables to eat are lettuce, carrots, and bok choy, and he says his favourite vegetable to grow is carrots, because they taste so good!  Calbert has been coming to TapRoot Farms for 6 years.  He is very mild-mannered and a bit shy, but was willing to put up with my brief interview and photos this morning!

Faces of the Farm: Meet Martel!

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Martel -- a.k.a. "Ladda' "-- is new to the farm team this year. 

Though this is his first year in Canada, he is not new to farming.  He has farmed in Jamaica for others as well as for himself.  He says he likes Canada so far, and his favourite parts of farming at TapRoot are weeding and harvesting.  His favourite vegetables to eat are carrots and cucumbers.  He also thinks that "doing farming is a nice thing to do: we help each other and take care of each other". 

Martel says he will come back next year if he gets the chance!  We are happy to welcome him to the TapRoot Team this season.

Week 13 Share Recipe from Melanie

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I know you're always looking for fresh food ideas... here's what I made last night.

uses up.... beet greens, zucchini, mushrooms, pesto
boil 1/2 box pasta (gemelli, but you can use whatever you like) according to package directions
saute in olive oil the following:
 - 2 pucks of pesto
 - 2 cloves garlic, minced
 - mushrooms, I used 5-6 cut into quarters but you could use more/fewer as desired
 - zucchini, I diced the small one that came in the share, but you could use more/less as desired
 - beet greens, 1 bunch - cut into 1/2" wide strips after washing/spinning dry (Add these after rest of veggies are more or less tender
 - once the beet greens are wilted then add...
 - 1/3 cup heavy cream (I eyeballed it til I got the consistency I was looking for..
 - stir in seasoning (salt, pepper, hot chili flakes) to taste
 - finally stirred in the cooked drained pasta
SO YUMMY!  I can't eat onions but I bet those would be delicious in this recipe too if added at the start with the pesto & garlic.  Could probably also do this with turnip greens, spinach...
let me know if you try it :)