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Posted on by Patricia Bishop

The Hammonds Plains Farmers Market and our CSA Pickup are going to be at this location tomorrow.
Cornerstone Wesleyan 1215 Hammonds Plains Rd (just 1km up from Kearney Lake Rd).
It is my understanding that the traffic is really bad right now because of road work....so the farmers market is responding. If you have more questions, Teri will be there tomorrow and it is possible that she will know more by then.
Hammonds Plains Farmers' Market
Every Thursday, 2:30pm-6:30pm

Today: CSA Pick-up + Holiday = a full fridge for the week

Posted on by Patricia Bishop

Today: CSA Pick-up + Holiday = a full fridge for the week

Good Morning All,

Lily and I were just driving to the farm and she mentioned how quiet it is today on the road. I told her that it is a holiday......which prompted me to remind you that holiday and all.....the veggies are still coming this afternoon. Same time, same place.

Have a fantastic day!

Jem will see you at 4:30.


in for Teri today.

The Monday TapRoot Van Breakdown

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Hi folks, as I was driving back from the city yesterday I was thinking I should write a blog post about the day to give you a little insight as to what kind of things can happen and how we problem solve them on the farm.

Yesterday Jem and I and the Blue Team from Applewick's were making shares in the warehouse.  Meagan was right on schedule and left the farm at about 2:30.  At 2:58, my cell phone rang.  It was Meagan, saying the van had no power and she was pulled over on the side of the highway.  I immediately dropped what I was doing and gave Patricia a heads up and then called Andrew Bishop at Noggins to see what vehicles we could borrow.  Andrew is Patricia's dad, and he's an efficiency expert and great problem solver.  While I sorted that out, Meagan called our mechanic to see if they had any advice and then our wholesale delivery that we do on the way to reschedule it for the drive home (saving us some time on the way there).  Meagan was stuck at exit 11, only a couple kms away from Noggins, and so Andrew dropped whatever he was doing and headed over with the truck and trailer.

After popping in the office to send a quick email and facebook message to the Monday Hawthorn members, anticipating that we would likely be late for the CSA pickup, Patricia and I headed over at 3:10 to meet Meagan.  By the time we arrived, Andrew and the two guys he brought with him had nearly everything (shares, flowers, eggs, wholesale order, add ons) neatly loaded into the trailer.  We had to switch drivers as Meagan has never driven the Noggins trailer before, so I grabbed the list from Meagan and was moving on the road again at 3:29 pm.  As I found out, Hawthorn is exactly 61 minutes away from Exit 11, and I pulled up right on the nose of 4:30 pm, the start of the pickup!  I was stoked to unexpectedly get to see all the friendly faces at Hawthorn-- Not what I had planned for my Monday afternoon, but a great surprise nonetheless!

Thanks to the patient members, who braved the constant line up yesterday to pick up their shares.  There are 90 members at Hawthorn who pickup in a 1-hour window, which I realized yesterday is too many!  We will do our best to try to have Meagan arrive 15 minutes early from now on, but it's not always possible unfortunately. 

It ended up being a fuel filter needing replacement on the van.  Our van is serviced every 8-10 weeks as it uses a synthetic oil and thankfully only requires a service every 12,000 kms.  We put on over 1200 kms per week with deliveries alone.  On Friday, the van was 200 kms away from needing a service, which means it was only about 200 kms over by Monday and had a scheduled appointment for Friday-- As Patricia said: "It didn't want to wait until Friday!".  It's both annoying and a relief that it was such an easy fix-- Meagan and I do our best to keep the van running smoothly and making sure its regular maintenance is up-to-date, as it is a very critical piece of farm equipment.  The van is already zipping around the farm this morning, getting ready to go to the city this afternoon.

A big thank you to Andrew and crew at Noggins for their help yesterday!  Something I love about my job is that there are often moments that require quick problem solving, even on a day that seems to be running smoothly -- You never know what might pop up!  Great to see everyone yesterday, and I hope you have a great week!