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Thanks to our Flower fans!

Posted on by Tim Carr

Happiness is to hold flowers in both hands” Japanese Proverb

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the farm’s first Flower Share, or purchased flowers as an add-on. It was always nice to hear comments about the flowers at our delivery locations. I like to think of the past 16 weeks as an experiment with positive results. The plan is to continue to offer flowers to members next year. We will keep you posted on possibilities for the coming season. First, though, winter.

We have managed to stash some everlasting flowers away to use in gift baskets, as add-ons, or for Valentine’s Day. They will be available soon.

Again, we sincerely want to thank you for your interest and willingness to invest in flowers.

A few pictures from warmer times…



Jack's Ducks

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Jack is a student at Acadia and has kept ducks since he was small. This year he brought in 100 Pekin day old ducklings from Quebec. Next year he plans to hatch his own for eggs, meat and hatch some ducklings for TapRoot too. They have been extensively free ranging, going just where they please in the pasture they shared with our sheep. They were finished slowly to 14 weeks rather than the commercial 7-8 weeks. We hope to give all our animals a fulfilled and natural life as possible as we believe that happy meat is good meat!

You can purchase Jack's ducks through the add-ons section of our website.

Organic Week Visit to Pete's Halifax!

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For organic week, Pete's Frootique in Halifax asked a representative from TapRoot Farms to come and discuss soil health and organic farming.  Jon and I went, and had a great time presenting about this very interesting topic to a number of folks, meeting the produce guys and the produce manager Arthur (in photo), and seeing our produce on the shelves! 

The best part of all was seeing our Organic Honeycrisps being made into a special display, and tagged with the brand spankin' new TapRoot apple stickers Josh had me rush order last week.  They look great and taste even better!  So neat to see the retail side of our hard work farming!


Corn boil for drop in shelter!

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A couple of weeks ago, in response to this article, Sister Jovita from St. Mary's Basilica in Halifax was in touch with me about corn.  Though we do have excess, we don't have the extra labour for harvesting or capacity to ship it anywhere, but I told her she was welcome to come out and harvest as much as she would like.  Last Tuesday, she and a volunteer arrived, Josh took them to the field where the corn was ready, and they harvested a bunch for a corn boil at the drop in shelter.  She sent along some photos, so here they are!

1) preparing the corn
2) the beauty
3) ready to be served
4) this is the name of the program at St. Mary's Basilica where the corn was served
5) for taking home
6) one of our guests enjoying it.

So great to see the harvest go to such great use!  One of the other Valley sweet corn farmers was able to supply FeedNS, meaning most or all of the food banks in the province also got some corn sent their way.  Read the article here.  Way to go, Elmridge and Greg!

Give a Toonie - Grow a Farmer!

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TapRoot Farms is participating in the pilot year of the Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network's (ACORN) first-ever organic farmer training initiative: the Grow A Farmer Apprenticeship and Mentorship Program. This new 'farm-school'-the first of it's kind, Canada-wide!-offers curriculum guided, farm-based apprenticeships for aspiring organic farmers; farmer-to-farmer mentorship for newly established organic farmers; and an on-going series of events and training opportunities to gather new farmers and share information. As current funding for this pilot program will expire in December 2013, ACORN is encouraging donations to support the future of this important educational and community-building opportunity for Maritime-based farmers, including an upcoming fundraiser dinner on September 29th at the Wooden Monkey. For full details, please visit

For some of you, look for donation jars at pick-up locations: Hawthorn, The Grainery, Edgewood/Oxford, TapRoot farm stand, Bloom, Emma's, Prospect Road Community Centre, and Fall River.  If you'd like to contribute to this important cause, simply contact the ACORN office, toll-free at 1-866-322-2676 to process payment or issue a cheque. Every little bit counts!