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Looking for a Tuesday Helper!

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We are looking for a great CSA Member to lend support

on our Tuesday delivery route!

Always wanted to be more involved with your CSA farm?  Here's an opportunity: We are currently looking for a member or member(s) who are available Tuesdays from 2 pm – 6:30 pm to travel with the TapRoot Van and assist Meagan with deliveries around metro Halifax. This role requires a lot of carrying share boxes or using a dolly and a fair amount of walking. We are hoping to work out an arrangement where a member could put the hours towards their weekly share delivery cost.

Please email teri@taprootfarms.ca if you would like more details about the position!

Thanks! :)

What I did on my summer vacation

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It's obviously remnants of grade school that are making me feel like I owe everyone a "what I did on my summer vacation" note... I'm also influenced by my niece Genevieve who missed two weeks of the third grade to travel to our wedding, and had to write a couple of reports to make it up! 

It was an AMAZING two weeks off, and I know Jon and I are grateful that we could take so much time off in the busy season to look after some important life moments.  Every day was amazing and spent with people we love, and right in the middle we got married.  I'm going to share my favourite moments in photos:

Friday at the end of the work day we enjoyed some ice cream and Jamaican rum with the TapRoot Team.

Then we headed to Halifax the next day to meet our first guests- Jon's sister Alyson with her husband Dion and their 2 - 1/2 year old Maevey.

When we returned to the Valley, more guests arrived and Jon's sisters stayed at Swallow's Nest at the farm.  Maevey LOVED collecting eggs and she loved Six Bux, too!  A good hands-on place for Genevieve to write her report about the farm for school, too!

Friday night pre-wedding clam bake and BBQ for family and guests from away - what a bunch!  Jon's family, my family, and our very closest friends.

Jon and I with our neice Genevieve and nephew Joshua from Seattle, and Maevey from Calgary

Wedding feast prepared by Matt Krizan and staff, Mateus Bistro

Day after wedding clean-up crew - Lobster supper at Hall's Harbour, followed by a sunset trip to Scot's Bay!

Visiting the Jenkins' family in PEI on the Charlottetown Harbour Hippo!

Clam diggin' in PEI - Jon's favourite!


A huge thanks to the TapRoot Team for filling in while we were away-- We are well rested and happy to be back!


My First Month on the Farm

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A photo of some of the team and I (second to left) bagging nettles on my very first day at TapRoot.

Hello TapRoot blog readers!

As this week marks one month of being an employee at TapRoot Farms, I thought I'd check in and share my first impressions of the farm, as well as a little bit more about myself.

As some of you know, I joined the TapRoot team in May to shadow Justine and learn the ropes of the wholesale and meat CSA side of the TapRoot business, so that when she has her baby in July, I can seamlessly take over her role. Working at TapRoot is the first time I've worked on a large, working farm, so what an awesome whirlwind of new learning experiences this first month has been! I couldn't be happier about spending my days on the farm, learning the ins and outs of wholesale management and the CSA process.

Before coming to TapRoot, I managed a small farm project in southwest B.C. with my partner Chris. That project was my first hands-on experience with farming and for the most part, everything I learned and did was self-taught. When our lease on the B.C. land was up, Chris and I decided to head east and explore the maritime provinces. We'd never spent any time out here, but we were curious about Nova Scotia, it's community of support for local food initiatives, and the potential for more affordable land. So, six months ago, we packed up our car, along with our two cats and two rabbits, and drove across the country to land in Kentville. One of my first goals upon arrival was to find work for local farmers whose philosophies aligned with my own, so that I could learn from others who had more farming experience than I had myself. TapRoot was the first farm I connected with and I'm thrilled that a position opened up for me!

Stepping into the TapRoot world has been rewarding already. Working for a large farm and seeing how everything comes together every day to get things planted, cared for, harvested, packaged up, and shipped out is pretty darn impressive. Working alongside Justine is fantastic. She's impressively cool, calm and collected when it comes to juggling her workload. Hopefully I can embody that same calmness when she's away on maternity leave!

My favourite things about being at TapRoot so far: building relationships with the rest of the team, seeing the gorgeousness of east coast spring unfold on the farm, and feeling a sense of accomplishment when CSA shares and wholesale orders come together successfully every week. Oh, and of course seeing new produce ready for harvest! Just wait until you get your bok choy in your share this week... amazing!

All in all, a GREAT first month on the farm. I look forward to sharing more with you in the future and hopefully meeting many of you at upcoming CSA member events.

Cheers & happy bok choy week!


Where are my flowers?

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I am learning that no amount of optimism will make the sun shine.

Many of you are patiently awaiting your Flower Shares. Hopefully this update will shed some light on progress so far this year.

The farm's perennials are doing well, although like most things this year, they seem behind. Our tulips were a dud and have caused a re-think on how to guarantee a good harvest in future years.

Thousands of transplants are ready for the ground and the space has been mostly prepared for them. Direct seeding of a few things is also planned for this week.

This year's Flower Share will involve approximately 60 members. Our goal is to send out shares when there are enough flowers to ensure you all receive shares of excellent value and quality. Last year we had fewer members and were able to “scrounge” from the farm to fill the first few weeks with beautiful and varied bouquets. Last year's bouquets were also smaller.

We began cutting and delivering flowers in June of last year. The hope is to do the same this year, although it is difficult to pinpoint a specific week. Things still have a lot of growing to do.

Until then, I will include a short list of some of the things we have prepared for your shares. The list would be too long to include here, but here are a few of our larger flower crops with a few of my favourites thrown in;

Asters, Sweet William, Snapdragons, Strawflowers, Zinnias, Gomphrena, Celosia, Statice, Carthamus, Peruvian Cherries, Ageratum, Carnations, Nigella, Yarrow, Cleome, Amni, Lisianthus (fingers crossed), Flowering Kale, Sunflowers, Glads, Dahlias, Delphinium, Craspedia, Foxglove, Sunflowers, a variety of herbs, woody ornamentals and existing perennials. And of course, numerous varieties of most of the flowers listed here.

If you have any questions about your upcoming flower share, would like to sign up, or have other flower needs throughout the growing season, please email me tim@taprootfarms.ca

Sweet William rows with Jocelyn in background for perspective.




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It's Monday at 2:00 pm, and I'm in CSA HQ office answering a backlog of emails from the weekend, came across this gem.... Oh, the delight in members sharing photos of their kids enjoying CSA veggies! This one comes in from Alicia, who says "Fiddleheads: This kids a fan!! Thought it was hilarious! He ate like 10. Then we went out in the woods and looked at them and talked about them, and where they grow etc. good science lesson :)"