Helping Hands at the Hydrostone

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Love this story! Thanks for sharing, Krista!

Hi Taproot Folks, I just wanted to send a quick note about my share pickup today from Highland Drive (Staple, Meat, and Eggs). Just as I left the store, the bottom of my share box broke out and all the contents were dumped onto Kaye st. Thankfully, two other Taproot members (two women, both of whom I saw pick up their shares immediately after me) stopped to help rescue the produce from the oncoming traffic. Fortunately, there were only a few apple and potato casualties! There's no way I could have scrambled across the street and sidewalk quickly enough on my own and I'm grateful that these two were able to help save my groceries. I don't know them but I'm hoping that maybe you could pass along the message somehow; possibly as a mention in the newsletter? Taproot members are helpful folks and I'm much appreciative of them. Thanks, Krista

Lovin' the summer shares

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Especially the strawberries, by the look of it!

Photos of babies covered in our food: Second only to photos of kids peering into share boxes like it's Christmas morning.

Thanks to Julie for sharing this!

Faces of the Farm: Meet Sylvan!

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Sylvan has worked at TapRoot Farms for 7 years.  He works in the packing shed, washing and packaging veggies for wholesale and CSA shares.  He originally came to Canada as part of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program from Jamaica, but now he lives in Canada full-time with his family.

Sylvan is very shy, but humoured me and posed for a photo and answered my questions!  He says he likes everything about what he does, he really likes the work.  He says he doesn't find fault with what he's doing, and just enjoys it as nice work to do.  He likes that it changes all the time-- This morning and all day yesterday, Sylvan, Garfield, and Michael are packing peas.  They often go out weeding at this time of year when there are less veggies in storage to wash and pack.  And, this winter and spring they completed some annual maintenance on the walk in coolers, including painting.

Sylvan has three children, ages 9 months, 3 years, and 5 years.  When he is not at work, he enjoys himself and spends time with his family.  Thanks to Sylvan for putting up with my questions this morning: a TapRoot trooper!


Faces of the Farm: Meet Tim C.!

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Tim C scooted into the yard this morning in his mini truck, and I ran after him with camera and notebook in hand!

I asked Tim if he has a nickname, and he laughed and said "I hope not!  Josh calls me 'Sally Sign Up' because of my enthusiasm for volunteerism".  At the farm, Tim focuses on four areas:

  • Flower Shares
  • Driveway Market at Church Street
  • Agri-tourism and related activities
  • Promotion and facilitation of Farm Stays

(It makes sense to put this as a bulleted list, as it will appeal to Tim's knack for-- and appreciation of-- organization!)

Tim says he enjoys being responsible for things and likes that he often feels very independent in his work at the farm.  He describes himself as a "retired schoolteacher" who came to the farm "on a whim" two years ago, when his friend Josh asked him if he thought it would be something he would like to do. 

Tim lives in Hantsport and is originally from Upper Falmouth.  His favourite vegetable that we grow at the farm is bok choy, and he is famous for telling everyone to "try it with eggs!  It's a surprisingly good flavour combination."  Tim is best known on the farm for his skills with maintaining order with large groups of children, his passion for education, and his love of flowers, all of which make him a great part of the TapRoot Team!

Faces of the Farm: Meet Tim R.!

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Tim R. is originally from Canada, but lived in Australia for 20 years, and so he is differentiated from his co-worker Tim C. as "the Tim with the Australian accent" for those new at the farm.

Tim came to Canada in December 2010 and has worked at TapRoot Farms since around then.  At the farm, he is responsible for seeding, animal chores, livestock enclosure maintenance, and helping out when we are a man or woman short.  Hi favourite thing to do on the farm is watching the seedlings grow-- Though he quantified this by saying: "not that I want anyone to think I am wandering around all day staring at plants growing!  I like to notice things growing-- including the animals-- as I intereact with them from day to day.  At TapRoot I get to do that year-round."

Since Tim works so much with the animals, I asked him who his favourite was.  He said Shirley (our largest Berkshire sow).  Shirley was the first sow Tim ever got to know at the farm.  She and her brother Bronson were both named by Tim.  Shirley lost Bronson, and Tim remembers her sorrowful sounds.  Now she has company in Bubbie, another sow that lives with Shirley.  Tim says he likes Shirley because she's dominant, but nice to everyone.

Tim's favourite crops to seed are squash (because it has big seeds and grows quickly) and lettuce (because it's a challenge to continually seed every two weeks and keep up to the demand we have in the CSA boxes and wholesale markets we supply).  His favourite vegetable to eat is "far out brussels sprouts".

Tim likes his job because it keeps him physically fit.  Outside of work, Tim enjoys exercising.  He says he also enjoys eating: caesar salad, tabbouleh, organic and ethically-raised meats.  His theory is that organic veggies and meats are better for you and have better texture and flavour than their non-organic counterparts.  Good thing Tim is part of the TapRoot Team, where eating and working hard are both highly valued!