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Introducing Denise

Posted on by Emily Lutz


You've seen my name on newsletters and on Facebook and in replies from the CSA desk, but who's Denise? :)

SI was hired late in November to work with Patricia in an executive support capacity. It's an exciting time of growth on the farm, with HarvestHand CSA Software Program rolling out and the TapRoot Fibre Lab coming ever closer to fruition. And the farm itself is growing--we're implementing more community events and education programs and expanding the CSA. Lots of cool stuff! But too much for one person to manage. And so here I am, supporting Patricia by doing the things that need doing and having a great time working with great people. :)

A big chunk of what I've been working on has been the business plan for the TapRoot Fibre Lab and a grant funding proposal to submit to the Industrial Research Assistance Program through the National Research Council. This funding will be key to getting the project off the ground. I'm so excited about this! And really, I'm excited about working for an organisation like TapRoot who holds so true to their values around sustainability and environmental stewardship and the local economy.

My background is in music and publishing. I'm a conductor who is currently on the bench with a concussion. I'm a writer and have worked in publishing as a marketing manager and editor. I'm the grammar police. :) I'm also a hiker/adventurer, a boxer, horseback rider, back to nature-er, a (very) novice gardener, and lover of good food and drink.

You can find me in Bishop Hall in Greenwich
P 902 542-5310
E admin@taprootfarms.ca



Gorgeous Farm Women and their babies!

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This has been the summer of babies at TapRoot and Noggins Corner!  Here are our three newest farm team members -- Gilbert (with Justine from TapRoot), Kate (with Carolyn from Noggins), and Elsie (with Jillian from Noggins).  Also, Carolyn's daughters Emma and Mary in front.  :) 

CA-UTE!!!  Or, as Tim would say, "adorbs!"

Corn Maze is open at Noggins Corner Farm!

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The corn is taller than ever this year, and the coming of autumn to the Valley is harkened by the opening of Noggins Corner Farm Corn Maze.

More info including hours and rates available here: http://www.nogginsfarm.ca/

The seasons are officially changing as August 25th, 2014 marks the first day that our annual corn maze is open to the public!  As many of you know, we plant an 8 1/2 acre corn field at our Greenwich location specifically for people to come with their families and friends to get lost in!  Everyone always has fun and fortunately, we've yet to lose anyone forever!  The paths of the corn maze make up an entire image that is different every year.  We won't spoil this year's surprise, you'll have to come see for yourself.  Bring a picnic, bring your dog and come have a healthy and active day on the farm to help celebrate the 2014 harvest season! 

New to the Add Ons Section!

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New to the add on shelf this morning: A kitty!  Actually, this kitty (Samson Salad Mix) has been commuting with me to work since last Sunday when Jon and I found him in the salad patch.  He was very sick when we found him, but has now had worm and flea treatment and is on antibiotics as well for a nasty respiratory infection.  He's doing much better now and is actually a bit of a troublemaker, like all kittens should be!

He is about 4 months old, and though we are already in love with him, Jon and I are not allowed to have cats at the house we rent and so for now he is planned to be an office kitty.  There are a lot of mice in the CSA office, so he will have an important job on the farm.  The newest addition to the TapRoot Team! 

I am also open to the idea of someone adopting him to a loving home-- He is adorable and very very friendly, and loves being around people.  However as he was a stray, he comes with a list of ailments and likely also has feline leukemia, so the vet said he may have a short life.  It will be a good one-- as, if Teri Jenkins has one weakness in life (I have a lot more than one!), it's orange kitties!

For now, he's content curled up on the shelf next to the Camelina and Canola Oil.  :) :)

Faces of the Farm: Meet Meagan!

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It was only fitting that I snap a photo of Meagan driving by in the TapRoot Van (safely stopped, of course, out the office window!).  Meagan does the majority of the CSA deliveries at the farm.

Meagan has worked at TapRoot Farms since May.  She helps with making shares, cleaning and organizing the ever-impending mess in our warehouse, and of course delivers most of the shares, meets members, and chats with them about vegetables-- which she notes is her favourite part of the job! I asked Meagan what brought her to TapRoot and she said "I was a member for a year and when I first heard about the farm I wished I could work there. So, of course when I saw a job opening I went for it!"


Meagan loves to eat vegetables, as well as talk about them with members!  Her favourites are Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, and Asparagus-- a green, healthy veggie for every season!  She also enjoys camping and being in the outdoors, biking, fishing, and solitude.  Meagan was born in Victoria, BC but has lived in Nova Scotia since she was 2-- Her father is in the military and was posted here after being on ships out west.


When I asked Meagan what some of the things she has liked seeing at the farm so far she replied, "I thought it was really cool to see how the shares are made-- it goes so fast, we make hundreds of boxes and it always seems to happen quickly."  Meagan mentioned that she is still overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of fields we have at the farm: "I don't even think I have a handle on how many and where all of them are!"  When asked what she doesn't like, she said: "I don't like having to throw out excess veggies, and when members don't pick up their boxes.  It seems like such a waste."


Meagan is the reason your shares make it safely to you, most days of the week.  Thanks for sharing more about yourself, Meagan!