Today is Wednesday

Posted on by Denise Grant

Good afternoon, everyone!

Just a reminder to all of our Wednesday share picker uppers that your deliveries are happening today. Same time, same place. Different weather! :)

(Except Bloom deliveries--you are picking up your shares in the upper parking lot of the Cornerstone Wesleyan Church.)

Introducing Denise

Posted on by Denise Grant


You've seen my name on newsletters and on Facebook and in replies from the CSA desk, but who's Denise? :)

SI was hired late in November to work with Patricia in an executive support capacity. It's an exciting time of growth on the farm, with HarvestHand CSA Software Program rolling out and the TapRoot Fibre Lab coming ever closer to fruition. And the farm itself is growing--we're implementing more community events and education programs and expanding the CSA. Lots of cool stuff! But too much for one person to manage. And so here I am, supporting Patricia by doing the things that need doing and having a great time working with great people. :)

A big chunk of what I've been working on has been the business plan for the TapRoot Fibre Lab and a grant funding proposal to submit to the Industrial Research Assistance Program through the National Research Council. This funding will be key to getting the project off the ground. I'm so excited about this! And really, I'm excited about working for an organisation like TapRoot who holds so true to their values around sustainability and environmental stewardship and the local economy.

My background is in music and publishing. I'm a conductor who is currently on the bench with a concussion. I'm a writer and have worked in publishing as a marketing manager and editor. I'm the grammar police. :) I'm also a hiker/adventurer, a boxer, horseback rider, back to nature-er, a (very) novice gardener, and lover of good food and drink.

You can find me in Bishop Hall in Greenwich
P 902 542-5310




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Taproot Farms Fibre Lab




I am Rhea Hamlin, and I am the Marketing and Communication Specialist for the TapRoot Farms Fibre Lab. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and what I will be doing here at TapRoot Farms Fibre Lab.


I love to cook and bake, so it is no surprise that I love to try new recipes. I have been vegetable gardening since I was five years old. I like seeing a small seed grow into something I can eventually eat. I volunteer with my local 4-H club and Regional Development Society.


My education background is in marketing and management. I attended Nova Scotia Community College where I graduated with a diploma in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Later that year, I transferred to Mount Saint Vincent University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Marketing and a minor in Management.


As the Marketing and Communications Specialist, I will be conducting market research, identifying target markets and strategic partnerships, developing client relationships, developing a marketing strategies, as well as managing social and digital media profiles.


TapRoot Fibre Lab is now on Facebook! Follow this link ( to 'like' the page.


Have a great day!



Finally, so you can put a face to my name I included a picture of myself.